Let’s try this again! Maintaining a steady blog page. You’ll get some #longreads, and something I decided to call THLINKS; thoughts + links. I’ve always been a fan of sharing the interesting and fascinating reads I come across. For real, I’d go HOBBIES: reading shit on the Internet.

I tweet often.

I have two dogs. Diddy + N’dre. Both beagle mixes.

I have Bipolar II, mostly the depression, some anxiety, none of the fun mania. Like sex rampages and gambling, I mean winning streaks. Cymbalta makes life livable though.

I like Batman, Transformers, Abraham Lincoln, Star Trek, remedial quantum physics, the gym, and being candidly blunt.

I can cook.

Black coffee. Like my Panther and most of my shirts.

I introvert hard. But with my people, I can extrovert just as hard.

I CAN even…

Be the best for the world, not the best in the world.