THLINKS 1.31.18

I’m terribly sorry I don’t do these EVERY.DAY. But if I held myself to that, I’d riddle myself with unneeded anxiety. Many of the the links are probably timeless, so scroll back.

Alex Smith isn’t anywhere near as talented at Tom Brady or Drew Brees, but I think, if productive, he can play till the age they are now, in Washington.

SOTU winners and losers. I didn’t watch; didn’t want to go to bed angry. But since it wasn’t an extemporaneous adventure, I guess Dickhole did OK.

‘Stunning’ twists are becoming verrrrry trope-y in prestige TV, but I’ll give Prime’s Absentia a shot.

More options coming to streamers and beyond tomorrow and throughout the month.

Damnit. A former NBA player from Philly, and his American Idol wife, died in a car accident.

I’ll add more rules to mine – and a new name – soon, till then pore over thoughtful these 12.

There’s an Ant-Man and The Wasp trailer. I don’t really care.


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