THLINKS 1.29.18

The Asshole is not doing his job, but he’s winning.

$12,000 for an ER bill. We DO need a discussion over WHY you’re going to the ER.

Luke Falk, teammate of Tyler Hilinski who committed suicide, ditched a game to go to Hilinski’s funeral.

Venom has completed filming, and somehow, had very few pictures with details leak out.

9 movies to consider in 2018 that aren’t Black Panther or Avengers.

No more Chief Wahoo logo next year. Might as well ditch Indians. For, the Spiders?

Also in that realm, the Tigers are getting a bigger D on their hats. It looks cheap.

Hard to find good surgeons and police? It’s a rabbit hole kinda link if you’d like.

Comic book Batman is getting a new, more traditional, costume.

There’s some Nutella nonsense going on overseas.

If you’re already claustrophobic, read this and you’re definitely NEVER getting an MRI.

I’m almost certain I got my nasty cold from the gym.

The NY Times had a BIG story about fake Twitter followers. Which to me is an ancient problem – like circa 2012. But there’s a lot of discourse about the story.

Brady’s 40 and all, but Roger Federer was supposed to stop winning Grand Slam titles about ten years ago.

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