THLINKS 1.19.18

Is it finally time for a Black Widow movie? Aside from Wonder Woman I’ve never thought any superheroine movies would gain successful traction if they were made. Mainly, because there’s just no massively popular A list female superheroes. There’s…Wonder Woman. You can blame comic book creators for this. But now that the misogyny of Hollywood and movie creation is (rightfully) crumbling, the time is right to go deeper than Diana Prince. Black Widow is a smart place to start. A familiar character, portrayed by a likable actress – even though feel like some of sci-fi flicks have flopped – seems like a recipe for success! Though I REALLY liked the idea of Scarlet Johansson appearing on Netflix’s Daredevil. DD + BW were HOT in the comics. It’s the longest of long shots, but perhaps Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock can cameo in any Black Widow movie.

C’mon Prince Dub, get. THE. RAZOR! Once I discovered Headblade shaving cream, I wasted no time in curing my hair loss.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve never wanted to get punched in the mouth and lose teeth. I mean, who really does. But the first thought in my head when and if a fight seems to be brewing is MY TEETH. Knowing that, it makes watching this terribly painful.

Recently, Ford announced more jobs coming back to Michigan from Mexico. This movement began to occur before Trump though. Domestic jobs are fantastic, but what does it matter if the Earth is a flaming emoji in the solar system? I’m fairly sure it was less expensive to make emission friendly vehicles in Mexico. OK, so maybe jobs are back here…what if product costs go rise because of it?

The Mud Hens are doing a Kirby Puckett bobblehead night. Considering the charged sexual assault climate, they probably shouldn’t. Puckett was probably a womanizing sleazeball.

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