THLINKS 1.17.18

The Ringer asks where girl groups have gone. The wish to be Beyonce is a valid point, but that applies to many groups regardless of their gender makeup. Someone’s always more talented. Someone’s always the biggest star.

Disgraced and dead boy band impresario Lou Perlman said, something like, as long as there are teen girls, there’ll always been boy bands. And for the most part, women, young ones, drive pop music. So it makes sense to keep cranking out boy bands, rather than girl ones in the pop music world. The biggest  group of all time – the Beatles – were a proto-boy band for the modern age.

Economics in MLB may be ripe for a strike in the near future. I don’t think there’s active collusion going on among owners. Though there could be a collusive residue from the fact that front offices are shrewder than ever when it comes to handing out tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars, which often are sunk costs. Also, I think the slow market cycle has allowed imaginations to get the better of many.

I haven’t read this yet, but wanted to share that I’m two episodes into Electric Dreams. Some takeaways, when in doubt…they’re always robots! These stories were written long ago so I don’t find them as dynamic as Black Mirror’s plots.

The Detroit meteor. Questions! Where did it land? Why wasn’t there a warning? Should there have been? It’s not like it can be stopped. Space stuff excites me.

It’s not impossible to think life of some kind was on the meteor.

CVS banning photo manipulation, as they continue down a more moral business path.

Don’t drink + drone in New Jersey.

I can fix most of the current complains about the Facebook news feed. Make it chronological, like it used to be. Then it can’t make money. Oh, shit.

Heard this at the gym today. Remember it?


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