THLINKS 1.15.18

No, I don’t follow or care for sports like I used to but, first a few NFL thoughts…

I think the Jaguars can beat the Patriots. They can bludgeon and batter Brady. With Fournette, but also defensively. Quarterbacks are a protected life form in today’s League, especially Brady. But perhaps a couple of early 15 yard penalties incurred for smashing Brady’s body are worth it for Jacksonville. Brady can surely take advantage of the free yardage, but less so if he’s bent over in pain.

With Mariota, Henry and Murray I thought Mike Mularkey was really going to create something special under his label of Exotic Smashmouth football. A true copy of the Chip Kelly Oregon offense – better than the Philly version. It was anything but that. The next coach has many of the key pieces in place to run an imaginative offense similar to what KC and Philly did this past year. And OMG what a catch by Corey Davis.

The Eagles are an underdog again. That was some emotional win for the Vikings. Now, they head to Philly playing for a home Super Bowl. Something that’s never been achieved. Could be enough of an emotional burden for the Eagles to get past perhaps the best 53 man roster in the NFL (that was the Eagles until Wentz went down).

Jake Gyllenhaal is likely to be Batman. Jake can do no wrong lately, but I’d still prefer a WHO-is-THAT fresh face similar to Christian Bale in 2005. The Batman brand is in difficult place right now. It was never wise to bring in Affleck. Not because of his talent, but because of his age. If WB/DC isn’t careful, they risk needing to ice the character as in what happened after Batman + Robin in 1997.

I’ve only watched them on occasion, but I’ve enjoyed recent Marvel cartoons. Now they may all go away. I’m curious how they’d be rebooted. Or what’s up with Disney’s master plan for its empire.

Aziz Ansari hit with sexual misconduct allegations. Like really, we’re nearing some Black Mirror type of consent and evidence app aren’t we?

Just finishing Narcos, and as I’ve mentioned, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams is on tap.

From basketball, to Trump, to leadership, Gregg Popovich is worth listening to.

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