THLINKS 1.13.18

Left footed punters create an advantage? Never even considered that, but of course Bill Belichick may have uncovered it.

Steve Clifford, the Charlotte Hornets coach, gave too much of himself to his job. He almost died. Don’t give more to your work than you need to. This is advice I need to follow in my next job. If someone’s going to do 16 hour days to ‘get ahead,’ let them. The balance you maintain in your life will be why you succeed.

Remember how entities like Fox Sports decided to ‘pivot to video’ mostly due to Facebook’s previous initiative to emphasize it so heavily. Wellllllllll, all those places (and people, who cost good writers their jobs) that made that pivot could be in trouble.

African immigrants to America are quite educated. Oh, and there’s shitholes EVERYWHERE. There’s some just miles from where I am right now, you too.

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