THLINKS = Thoughts + Links 1.12.18

Clever name right? Thoughts and links. Thlinks. Some of these will be on Twitter, some more than 240, so they’ll be here. Anything that catches my eye and I want to share. Here. I swear I’ll do my best to keep it click-bait free.

Facebook is changing its News Feed, again. It’s never going to win this battle, unless…it goes back to seeing who and what you liked in chronological order. This change. whether it’s their motive or not, will cause more brands to feed the Facebook monster for post boosting as well. Suggestion, if you like a brand, regularly check their page.

Did the Raiders break an NFL Affirmative Action rule. Technically, no. In spirit, yes. I’ve always disliked any kind of AA initiatives. Why would any minority have gone through the charade of an interview process with Oakland knowing they weren’t getting the job. To ‘practice’ the process? Sure, that’s good for some, but mostly insulting. I’m not a hateful person, and if I were looking for the right person for a job, I want to hire the best person I can. I don’t care their color, sex, or ethnicity. And if I know who I want before the personnel search, I’d hate to disingenuously sit with someone to check a box.

I know that the Gambit movie is Channing Tatum’s passion project a la RR & Deadpool, but let the attempt to make thing take a mutant power kinetically charger seven of clubs to the throat. Especially as a comedy.

Chemical imbalance, Autism epidemic, and 50 other psychological terms that are misleading or misused.

Walmart/Sam’s Club acted like a bar/restaurant. No notice to closing, just a note on the door. Bullshit.

I should’ve been asked for approval for Mark Wahlberg to be in Transformers movies.

More Dunkin’ Donuts in Toledo please. Of course I’ll go to my local faves, but I like the option of having a DD every mile, like in many cities.

Man In The High Castle, Minority Report, Total Recall, all Philip K Dick. So is this, out now…

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